Out of Season Viewings at The Riding School

Now, as much as we would LOOOOOOVE to be in The Riding School twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week unfortunately – we can’t! (boooooooooooo!!!!!!) However, the great news is….we do have ‘out of season’ dates available for you to book an out of season viewing at The Riding School, our beautiful Derbyshire countryside wedding venue (wooo hoooooooo!!!!!!)

Please on’t be put off that you’ll be booking your out of season viewing. It might be lacking it usual sparkle and it might be a littel cold but you will be able to view videos and photographs of our stunning wedding venue, we’ll be able to have a chat about all of your exciting plans and how we can make them work at Calke AND, we’ll even make you a hot drink….or if you’d prefer, pour you both a glass of fizz – you are wedding planning after all!

Photo of inside the Riding School showing the curtains slightly open so you can see the chairs for the ceremony and a harpist in the corner.
Ian Bursill

We currently have appointments from 9.30am until 4pm available on the following days:

Saturday 27 January

Saturday 17 February

Sunday 18 February

Saturday 9 March

Sunday 10 March

After your appointment with us, you are welcome to explore the wider estate. You can find your way into the gardens and discover all of the enchanting places that you can have your wedding portraits taken.

Booking Your Viewing Appointment

…….is super easy!! You can click on the link HERE and book your appointment slot or If you can’t see a timeslot, you can email us – info@ivyhouseweddings.co.uk or give us a call on 01332 501252 and we will try and squeeze you in – we can’t wait to meet you!